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Lavalove Ceremonial Cacao | 100% hreint kakó

Lavalove Ceremonial Cacao | 100% hreint kakó

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100% hreint kakó frá Guatemala. 

Ofurfæða sem inniheldur mikið magn af magnesíum og andoxunarefnum. Gefur góða og jafna orku. Hjartaopnandi drykkur ástarinnar. 


We receive our cacao from LavaLove cacao, harvested on the Pacific coast of Guatemala from a Mayan couple, Izaias and Ana Izabel. This blend is the result of a selection from various local farmers who preserve their Criollo cacao trees, who look after their cacao plantations organically (without chemical fertilizers). The criollo is the original species of cacao tree, and this blend is selected for the ultimate healing and beneficial qualities both physically and spiritually. 

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